Monday, September 05, 2005

Work problem

I have started looking for a job but I'm facing some problems:
First one is the long working hours and that means my daughter will be alone for a long time. She will start her school in the next few days but she will come back at 1:30 and she will be alone. I know you will say bring her a babysitter, this is what I was thinking about. But again I'm facing another problem: Are they qualified enough to raise my daughter and spend hours with her alone everyday? Here in UAE all of the babysitters and housemaids are either from India or Philippine and all of them from the poor uneducated levels, so How can I let them raise my daughter?
Second issue, even if I agree to put her with them that means the babysitter will wait for her when she is back from school, and this is another problem what if that lady did not come on time? Where my daughter stay?
I'm still looking for a part time job as this will be the best solution but I still can't find any place that agrees for that.
I saw many women who are working full time and put their children with the maid, I did not like this, I hear many tragic stories that make me terrified and in the same time I want to practice my right to work and to do something to myself, but still confused.