Thursday, March 24, 2005

Leaving soon

My husband finished my papers and he came back on Sunday. we shall leave within a couple of weeks after we finish packing our things. I will be busy in the next couple of weeks but I will write you a post when I reach Dubai. I have many things I want you to know about me and family that I decided to talk about when I am out of Iraq.
I also will make a comparison between Iraq and Dubai when I reach there. the last week was a so horrible week for me. we had very heavy rain and it affected almost everything in our lives. the telephone lines of most people I know were damaged including mine. they fix my line after few days but they made a mistake and gave us another No. and I still have the wrong no. . The second bad damage I had is in our local power transformer it fell from it’s pillar and blown up. This made the power transformer drag three of the pillars and the result we still don’t have elect. for more than 8 days and guess what, till now the only thing the maintenance did is that they came and took the old transformer and left without doing anything. now we are depending completely on generator
I am very busy and tired now. I want to leave ASAP because everyone is under stress now. I still feel guilty for leaving my parents and every time I see them I spend the whole day depressed. I never have the chance to leave Iraq and I am afraid of missing my family and friends and getting home sick. The last time I traveled was when I was 3 years old, of course I don’t remember anything from it. I went to Germany and Denmark at that time with my parents. After that I was unable to travel because of the wars we had.
So see you in Dubai. wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Quick update

Dear all,

I have not made any post because the land line is not working and hence I cannot get an internet connection at home. I’ve also spent a few days at my parents’ house where there is not computer. So this is only to say that I am still hanging there.

By the way, my husband got his residency and is working on my papers now.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I’m still here

My husband finally reached Dubai a couple of days ago. His journey was so long, it took about 12 hours till he finally reached Dubai. He started with his residency papers and he said things are doing fine.

As for me, I feel lonely but I hope I can travel sooner than I thought. As for my daughter she misses her daddy a lot and yesterday she cried in her room asking for her father to come back. He is so close to her even sometimes I think she loves him more than me, but I think this is natural.

My PC refuses to work on the local generator, I don’t know why. So I open it only when we have national electricity and usually make a chat with my husband during that limited time. He started his work already. He sent me pictures about the view from his office and some gardens; it looks very nice and very clean.

I think I will visit my parents on Thursday and stay there for a few days, I hate that process but if I don’t do that my parents will get upset and think that I don’t like to stay in their home. I still did not arrange anything from what I’m going to take or leave here, I want my husband to start with my papers and then start to pack things. I will be 28 years this month I hope he could mange to come before my Birthday. We have been married for almost seven years and we celebrated my birthday and his only a few times (there are only 21 days between my Birthday and his).

Anyway I have nothing to say since I did not go out the last couple of days or see people. Some of my friends promised to visit me next week.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The journey has started

Probably, when you read this post my husband will be on his way to Dubai, he will leave on Sunday afternoon.
Don’t ask me how I feel, because I don’t know. I cry a little and then smile because we will start our journey. yesterday we heard two kidnapping cases and the reason is taking a ransom. both cases took about 30,000 $ for each in order to free them. after hearing that I felt happy to leave Iraq. They hit one of them so hard that he was unable to walk or talk.

I’m worried now about the safety of my husband on his way to the airport and the airplane. It’s private company and we don’t know how good is their airplane. It’s still weird that it cost much less than the trip to Jordan. but this is the only way to Dubai now or going by ship which is another risk. if you go by ship you have to leave to Basra first. The trip in boat takes about 3 days. The plane takes about two hours and a half only.
Typical me isn’t it? worried about everything.
PS. I will check the links that you suggested. thank you all for your concern.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New update

Well, if you want to know my new update, nothing has changed till now, except that I was wrong with my husband’s visa, my husband friend told him that his visa had finished so I wrote the past post according to that, then it turned out that there was a mistake and we are still waiting for it till now, nobody knows why it took so long. All we know is that everything might happen with Iraqis, we are so welcomed in all over the world!!!.

Thank you very much to those who offered me books, But I think it is impossible to have a way to receive them from you. for me I like books that make me understand the behavior of people and understand people very much, some family medical books and I also read for Agatha Christy . The last books I bought I found a very interested book named body language by allan peez( I’m not sure about the spelling because the book is translated to Arabic) it teaches you how to understand people from the way of moving and sitting and talking. I also bought a novel named The house on hope street by Danielle Steel. I know nothing about that novel or the writer but it said on the cover that the writer hits No. one in selling it’s novel according to the New York times.
The problem with our books as i said besides of being either political or religious is that when they translate some books to Arabic they lose most of their interest and they become like a lecture after reading few lines you fall asleep.
For me my best book I had read for several times and unfortunately I lost it somewhere, it belong to my father and it is very old, named how to stop worrying and start living. I used to read this every time I feel worried about something and it really works with me, I had two copies one in English which I lost and the other in Arabic, but as I said the Arabic makes it lose it’s value. I read it when I’m having exams or being under lot of stress.

As for things in Baghdad and for us, nothing new, I even stopped watching the news now, I don’t need more stress than the one I have now.