Saturday, December 11, 2004

A comment from Rose

I read all your comments on the DU. At least I’m not the only person who thinks that DU might cause cancer and other illness, I want to prove that it is not only me who think like that and I read tens of articles having the same opinion, which I hope is wrong. Anyway no one will know where is the truth, sometimes researchers find things after several years, so it’s all theories, and as I said ‘I hope I’m wrong and you are right’, days will prove that.

I want to put rules in my blog and I hope you will respect them. I’m opening my comment to you so you can write yours whether they are with me or not, I definitely don’t mind reading comments against my opinions because I might learn from them, and I want to make a free discussion between different nations. But I want some respect with no rude or nasty words against me nor anyone of the people who write comments. otherwise I will delete them. and please don’t force me to do this.

About the anonymous who thinks that my blog and other Iraqis blogs are waste of time, we are not forcing you to read them.

I did not understand why some of you became so upset when John from NZ wrote a bout his daughter. He did not write anything that does harm to anyone, but I’m sure that the one who got mad is not a parent and does not know the word parenthood and what does it mean when you talk a bout your child. I’m proud of my daughter and I believe she is the best among those her age, so what am I making? a crime .
So please John don’t be upset and feel free to talk about anything in my blog, you are most welcome.

I did not want to write this post or be a little rude, but I want to put some rules.

In my blog I wanted to express my humble opinions and beliefs and by allowing comments, I wanted to host polite discussions among people from different cultures, religions, and/or political opinions about everything in life ranging from the simplest things to wars (which we Iraqis are very used to). In this way, we can all learn without hurting each others feelings.

Thank you for your time.
P.S this post will be exceptionally without comments.