Monday, August 23, 2004

My fears of Wars

I read a comment in my blog asking about my feelings against wars. So I decided to write this post.

I was three years old when the war with Iran started, I still remember how my father used to hold me up to the corridor where we used to hide away from windows. My leg was broken at that time and I could not move freely. I remember how we used to stand sometimes in front of my bed room’s window and look at Iranian planes in our sky. I was too young at that time but believe me many things are still in my mind .

There was a day I could not forget for my whole life, in Oct. 1987 I was 10 years old that time, standing in the yard of my school waiting for the bell to ring , when I heard a loud explosion (we were hit by a random Iranian rocket). later I heard that a school had been hit and killed many children. I cried a lot that night although I didn’t know any one from them but I imagined myself being in that school. I watched TV that night and was terrified from the scene, mothers and fathers were weeping, blood was everywhere, a scene I could not forget.
Lots of memories are still in my mind from that war, but the Iraq-Iran war is not my subject for this article.

The war with Iran finally came to an end after eight years of bloody fighting. I was so happy looking for a bright future where no more blood or fears, I even don’t know who was the winner of that war. I had that feeling for only one year when we invaded Kuwait and had another big war. This time I was 14 years old preparing for a mid year exam when my mother woke me up that night telling me that the war had started. I don’t want to lie at you, but I felt happy that moment because I didn’t have to study for the exams which were supposed to be started two days after that day. I was not thinking about the future that time just living my days, we had good and bad times. All the neighbors were gathering every night just to kill time, me and some friends used to play cards and domino. I was more cretin that this time the goals are more cretins and specific and this war will not kill innocent people . Again I was wrong. The Americans hit Al-Amirya shelter and burned and killed hundreds of people and they were sure it was a shelter. I was unable to see the pictures because we did not have electricity that time but I saw it later on TV and it was more horrifying than you can imagine. A neighbor of our lost her sister, her father, and seven other relatives on that hit.

I thought that they will kill Saddam in that war and everything will be over and we will be able to go on with our lives but I was wrong again. America did not kill Saddam for its interest and above that there was the sanction which we suffered from for more than 10 years. There were lack in medicine, teaching materials and many other important things and a gain the one who paid for this was us. My cousin lost his son who died of cancer because of the lack of medicine and do you know how old was he? only six years old. He died two years ago and those were very hard days. I wish I can forget them.

Then we came to this war and I built many dreams after it. I thought that peace will come finally. America did what they wanted and I thought we came to an end for our wars and fears, but again I was wrong now we have different kind of fights and terrorism which causes much more harm. I believed that America brought their war against terror to our country to fight them here. They brought them from all around the world to our country and they made a lot of mistakes when they came to our country and again we paid for all these.

I believe there is no winner or loser in wars, except on paper and the innocent people from both sides are paying hard for it. I hope this will come to a good end and I wish I can dream for a better future for my daughter this time and I hope it will not take long (before I become a granny).