Friday, May 05, 2006

ِA brother, a sister or none…???

Hi everyone, long time no see ;-). I really don't have any news to write here, it is boring isn't it?. Speaking about politics has become useless to me, it will not change the facts of what will happen in the future and I don't think that what I see and feel will make any difference to anyone or to what will happen to my own country. So I will try to avoid writing about the Iraqi situation, I had enough and you too. Also from what I wrote and from your comments I understood that if you are not living there you do not know how life looks like and unfortunately many of you are so influenced by the American policy which in the outside looks like ideal goals that cannot be implemented in real life.

Anyway, I have good news!!! I and my Husband are expecting a new baby after a few months (five months from now). I'm having some complications that I wish will end and safely continue my pregnancy. The last month was the worst to me and my husband, I had a high risk of losing the baby and I had to lay in bed for 3 weeks. You can imagine how the house became, A MESS. And Ahmed had to do all the work by himself from cleaning to cooking and taking care of Farah and everything, and he never did that before so it was so hard to him.
Things are better now, we brought a maid to help me in the morning and I started cooking. This is the only thing I'm allowed to do now. I can't go out or sit or walk for more than 15 minutes continuously. So I'm still under alarm and that's killing me. I have what they call a Placenta Prevai , but my doctor said I will be OK but need to be more careful.

Before that I found a part time job as a Secretary in a Nursery School, I accepted the work because it was part time and I could take Farah with me when she finished her
school, But after one month of work I had to quit because of my pregnancyL.
PS. I became 29 years a month ago, we did not celebrate because we were having very bad times due to my health situation.

Farah is doing good at school, she will graduate from her class and the school invited us for the party. She is eager to know everything about my pregnancy and she asks lots of questions, sometimes I don't know what to tell her. Last time I saw her opening my pregnancy book trying to look for pictures of babies inside their moms. I and Farah watched a TV report about the development of the fetus inside the uterus, she was too excited and she kept asking questions, and everyday I have to answer many of her infinite questions. She told me she want a brother not a sister, and I asked her why? She told me because if she have a sister she will fight with her on toys when they will play!! I try to tell her that we still don't know what we will have, and it might be a sister or brother. But she insist on having a brother and refuses the sister idea completely. She told me all her girl friends have brothers not sisters, why wil she be different!! And her friends of boys have sisters as well.

So we will wait till we know the sex of the baby and then see what to do with her after that. I think she will be jealous from the new baby especially after being the only child in our family for 5 years and all the attention focus only on her.

So this is a brief of my news, stay in touch, take care and bye bye.